What is your “why”?

Hansens Accountants – Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To put this question into some kind of context for you I need to go back a couple of weeks.

Strange as it will seem I was beside myself with excitement to be attending the annual Proactive Accountants Network conference on Hamilton Island.  As I’m not an accountant it wasn’t the thought of spending long hours into the night (over a sparkling mineral water) talking about ATO portals, corporate compliance registers and Division 7A legislation, all of which I’m sure are fascinating to the professionals! I’ll be honest it was more about an escape from the familiar daily grind that bogs everyone down from time to time.

However, halfway through the conference I wanted to get home – quickly – there was work to do and it was exciting.

One question had been posed amongst the information overload and it was really simple – What is your “why”?  You see, accountants are really great at letting you know what we do and how we do it. It would be fair to say that the 20,000 accounting firms in Australia all vie for your business describing what they do best and how they do it best.

What we’ve forgotten to do is tell you “why” we do it? Forget the fact that everyone in business is there to make a profit – that is simply a result not a belief or a purpose. Hansens, the business and the  team’s  “why” can be encapsulated in one word – SUCCESS. You, as a client get to define what that means to you – our job is to help you achieve it.

I challenge you to think about your “why” and once you do the feeling of empowerment will be emphatic.


Annette Toussas

General Manager

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