Am I Paying Too Much Tax?

Imagine that your tax affairs are arranged neatly as pieces on a chessboard.  Are you just starting out in the game, awaiting your first move?  Is your business already well established in the game, and looking for a better position?  Perhaps you are nearing the end-game, with retirement in sight, and looking for that final exit strategy. THE CHESSBOARD AND THE TAX MAN Our tax system is not unlike the…  Read more

Tax: Love it or hate it?

By Michael Franco Accountants live and breathe the implications, ramifications and even the occasional benefit the tax system offers up every day. It is our job to achieve the most beneficial tax position for each client. However, to the general public, lodging a tax return is nothing but an annoying chore that must be completed at the end of every financial year. In spite of this, by the time you…  Read more

Make the necessary evils easy and dare we say it

Hansens Accountants – Friday, April 04, 2014 …fun!   By Karl Schoenmaekers Ok, it’s almost BAS time again and almost time for you to send your accountant or bookkeeper the figures for the quarter so you can pay another GST bill. Spreadsheet, MYOB file, Quickbooks file, shoebox, no matter how you send it, it is still going to require you to export, backup, compress, photo copy, dive into the filing…  Read more

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