Make the necessary evils easy and dare we say it

Hansens Accountants – Friday, April 04, 2014



By Karl Schoenmaekers

Ok, it’s almost BAS time again and almost time for you to send your accountant or bookkeeper the figures for the quarter so you can pay another GST bill. Spreadsheet, MYOB file, Quickbooks file, shoebox, no matter how you send it, it is still going to require you to export, backup, compress, photo copy, dive into the filing cabinet, copy to USB, Dropbox, post or get in your car and deliver it. Think of all the time you have spent just to get it to this point? Not to mention the hard yards put in to get the accounts up to date! Don’t even get me started on the end of year process!


To us at Hansens, we think your time can be better spent elsewhere. Increasing sales perhaps? Growing your business? On the golf course? With Xero, this is possible. Once you have seen the wonderful green tick telling you everything is reconciled, quiet little fist pumps may start to occur you have been warned! Then it is simply an email to your trusty Xero Certified Advisor, guru, hero, legend, saviour, whatever you’d like to call us, and we take it from there! From where you left it. The exact same data. Get rid of the pile of blank CDs on your desk. Save your photo copy paper. Xero is collaboration at its best. Timely. Live. Now.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Hansens and Xero can do for you. Ask us for a free demo today!


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