Hansens Accountants – Thursday, October 20, 2011
According to www.wiktionary.orgVerb. 1.To give part of what one has to somebody else to use or consume.
2.To have in common.
3.To divide and distribute

Historically Accounting and Business Advisory services have always kept information to themselves, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ we do seems to remain a mystery to the greater population.

Hansens Accountants aim to change this stigma. We are not your average Accounting and Business Advisory firm. We have personality and lateral thinking concepts that help our clients change the way they do business, in ways they only dreamt about. We have the ‘know how’ and the ‘can do’ and we want to share this.

With the launch of our blog, Hansens aims to bring you relevant and important information. We invite you to give us feedback. Please.

Your opinions about the way we do business and insights to the way you do business, can only benefit us all in the future.

Hansens want to SHARE.
Share our tips, share your tips. Your opinions and our opinions. Great suggestions and inspiring knowledge.

From Sharing we can all learn.
We hope to learn a lot.
We hope you do too.

Lets Share.

Amy Holdsworth – Marketing & Administration Manager


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