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Hansens Accountants – Monday, April 28, 2014
By Amy Jenkins


Recently, it has been an often revisited topic in the media – the discussion about the younger generation and their potential to own property one day. Can it be a reality?

As a woman in my later 20s it is not such a rosy thought. Whilst I am comfortable with the lifestyle I have chosen, I always thought that one day I would have something of my own. It still seems such a long way off though…  The reality is, we never know what could happen in life and so it is important to enjoy the ‘now’ but what price are we happy to pay? Is the compromise worth it?

In my early 20s I tried to be mature and think about what I wanted in 5 years even 10 years. Ultimately though, my goal at the time was to work really hard and save so I could head overseas to live and travel. And this is exactly what I did. It is a decision I definitely do not regret. I have had amazing experiences and seen a lot of what this world has to offer but I sometimes wonder “where would I be now if I had decided to put those savings into property?”.

So at the moment my challenge is finding the balance of saving to own my own property without sacrificing my current lifestyle. The question is, is it achievable and where do I start?

It may be wise to get some advice…Stuart??


The simple answer is always YES – however you need a well mapped out plan, strong discipline and a financial adviser to assist you along the way. Like all financial plans, you need to agree on what you are prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goals. To achieve these objectives, you will need to “pay” yourself first, the tax man second and your living expenses third. Only then will you be able to enjoy the freedom associated with forward planning. A meeting with Stuart Hillier at HWC is the beginning of the road towards your aims and aspirations.

Oh, and the other key element is START TODAY !

Stuart Hillier Director Hansens Wealth Creation Pty Ltd

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