Do Amazing Things

Today is the day we turn the final page of the calendar and think to ourselves “December already?! Where did this year go?”, and as we enjoy the Christmas festivities I’d like to take a look back over my year here at Hansens.

When I joined Hansens, a little over 12 months ago I believed it to be just like any other accounting firm. I was leaving a creative industry, with unfortunate seasonal fluctuations and was excited by the prospect of regular working hours.

Though I must admit that before I began I feared that maybe I would become restless, and worst of all I would be bored.

I wasn’t expecting that I would form such great bonds with my colleagues, and I certainly never would have imagined that I would be given so much scope to get involved with the Hansens rebrand.

In response to our growing online presence it seemed only natural to shake up our online platforms and bring them into the ‘now’. Our new website brings together all the Hansens entities and provides concise relevant information with an easy user interface. We all worked together to create a website that reflects the culture here at Hansens. You can learn more about the team by clicking here.

It was during this update that we reassessed what drives us and ultimately came back to a quote that has been on the back of our business cards since the inception of Hansens. In short we want to inspire ourselves and others to do amazing things with confidence.

It was this drive that lead us to raise over $300 for the National Breast Cancer foundation with the Hansens Ladies Night. This fun night celebrated a women’s worth and gave us all a moment to refocus our goals. We also raised a further $150 as we participated in the World’s Biggest Morning Tea.

A few months later the folks at Hansens hosted a collaborative event with industry leaders to give Tradies all the answers to questions they didn’t even know they had – and inspire them to grow their businesses with confidence. This event was hosted on the Bowens shop floor which provided the perfect backdrop for our Q&A Style presentation. We were thrilled with the turn out and loved getting to know a lot of local tradies and identifying their unique needs.

In addition to the above mentioned events we also hosted a number of in-house focus groups covering a range of topics, and now as the year draws to a close we eagerly anticipate the staff Christmas Lunch and hope that you too enjoy the Christmas Festivities.

Stay tuned to find out what the Hansens team have instore for 2016.


Do Amazing Things With Confidence.

do amazing things

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