Accounting in the cloud

We often get asked by our clients and associates “What is The Cloud?”

In the simplest terms, Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Basically it’s running your business on the internet in a safe and secure environment – Anywhere, Anytime.

At Hansens, we were the first Accounting Firm in Australia to undertake the Cloud Accounting environment for our clients when we engaged with Xero. Why we took that initiative back in 2010 was to enable us to support our clients more closely, working on their business in real time, with real life data, not waiting for the disc or USB to be sent in the mail, providing us with data more than 6 months old.

How does this help you?

It allows us to work with you on your business in today’s world, with information available and up to date, not relying on data from the past. This enables discussions and decision making to be made in a quicker, and more effective environment. If something happens in your business today, you want to act on it quickly, and easily, not having to wait weeks or months to have your data processed, and an answer given. We can become your Virtual CFO! Oh, and by the way, the banks love it!

This is the benefit of the Cloud.


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