Cloud Accounting – Why make the switch?

Cloud Accounting – Why make the switch?

As a small business owner your main focus should be on how your business operates and the goals and targets you set for it. You shouldn’t find yourself spending hours of dead time processing your financial information using an inefficient system when you know that time can be better invested in the development of the business.

Cloud Accounting can help free up time for the more important things in your business by simplifying the accounting process and giving you a better overall picture of how well the business is performing; it can also help identify the areas in which it can or needs to improve.

What is the “Cloud” you ask? Think of the cloud as a platform that allows you to securely access live data online anytime, anywhere, from any device. A great example of this would be internet banking where account owners can view their current balances and make payments to external parties. Xero is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud based accounting programs that has revolutionised how Accountants’ bookkeepers and business owners view and process financial information.

Listed below are some of the many benefits you will attain by making the switch to accounting software that is “in the cloud”

  • Improve efficiency and productivity – Xero helps reduce the need for the manual imputation of data with live bank feeds from your business bank and credit accounts.
  • Reduce business costs – Xero automatically updates without any need for the user to do anything, there is no need for version upgrades, maintenance or system administration costs just a monthly subscription that is best suited to your business.
  • Elimination of data backup – Xero automatically backs up your data and stores it securely in the cloud; there is no need to go back and forth with accountants and bookkeepers with data files as you can both be working on the most current financial data.
  • Real time financials – Xero allows you to have a clear overview of your current financial position by providing users with the most up to date numbers.
  • Flexibility – With information stored in the cloud Xero gives users the flexibility to run and view their business from work, home or even on the go.

So look to make the switch now so you don’t end up falling behind the rest of the pack. Contact us here at Hansens and you will be lead in the right direction by one of our friendly staff to ensure you are on the right track to achieve and fulfil your business goals and dreams.



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